Bio: I am a football journalist based in London who has covered the Premier League and European and world game for ESPN FC, the Independent, the Irish Examiner, FourFourTwo, the Blizzard and pretty much anyone else who will pay me.

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  1. You have summed up football in Ireland perfectly from top to bottom FAI to SFAI and how hard it is to achieve change it a very frustrating slow process not helped by people in important positions as those named above creating road blocks for change for the better. Winning at all cost at an underage level is killing children from developing their real potential. Unfortunately the DDSL leagues is the best place for schoolboys/girls to be in Ireland because most of the other leagues haven’t the same structures in place like SKBFC etc and not everyone can bring the children to DDSL for logistical reasons or radius rule like as in my children’s case. The FAI need to take over underage soccer totally and spread the net wider to all parts of the country.


  2. (This is for a school project in which I need one professional contact. And if you have time can you please answer the following question. Thank You ) The question is why did you choose to become a Football journalist? and who inspired you and why?


  3. Dear Miguel,
    My name is Liza and I’m a 3rd-year student. I’m working now on my thesis and the final portfolio for getting BA. My thesis is about football (economics, politics, doping, competitions, etc.) and currently I’m working on the article about 2015/16 season in football, about the final results precisely. I would very like to get your comment or a quote from you about this topic. I won’t publish it anywhere; your comment (or quote) will be just in my thesis article, so basically you’ll help me to get my BA diploma!

    If it’s not difficult to you and if you have a second to reply my questions (just in a few words, nothing more) I would be very grateful for your kind help!

    The question is: Who’ll win Premier League 2015/16? Why do you think so? How will the table look at the end of the season? Can something be changed in the table?

    Thank you for your kind help. It will mean for me so so much to get a comment from you.
    Huge huge thanks in advance!


  4. Miguel are you updating soccer pantheon clubs any time soon!? My son thinks current Barca best ever but I think you have got it right in 4th place! Real Madrid and Ajax sequences superior historically and no argument! Pleased to see Celticin top 10 and high Scottish coefficient in late 60s early 70s may mean league wins then more valuable! Enjoyed you on Sky Sports today too, John Ayr, Scotland!


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